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The Ancient Guardians Series is bringing readers into a new, unexpected reading environment. Filled with enchantment, romance and the idea that life truly does exist beyond Earth, this new series promises to keep you enchanted until the last page.


“Trans-dimensional Romance? This has to be one of the most detailed books that I have read that wasn’t dry or boring.  I could imagine being in the Reece’s bedroom and feeling the soft fabric of the couch. I could see Harrison’s eyes, and what beautiful eyes they were. Not only that but the plot is actually something that I had not read before. I mean you get paranormals and stuff, but this is completely different, realms inside of realms? The worlds and people that S.L. created really blew me away. I mean for example the detailed nature of the landscape from the textile of the trees to the color of the sky really puts you into the novel. -Andi from Fangfrakingtastic Reviews

Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of The Key by S. L. Morgan is a whimsical and exciting fantasy/adventure about how a seemingly ordinary girl is more special than she could ever imagine! Reece Bryant is a smart, motivated young women trying to make her way in the world despite a difficult past. However, her past is no match for the surprise her future has in store…

Strange things begin to happen when Bryant travels back home from school to settle her father’s estate. Two mysterious men seem to be following close behind her and watching her every move.

Why are they so interested in her? What do they want from her?

Events grow increasingly strange when Reece experiences a plane ride with beyond normal turbulence. Her grip on reality starts to slip when she has clear visions of her  deceased father visiting her in her home, but is it really her dad standing before her?

When Reece is almost violently kidnapped in a park one afternoon, her entire life begins to change. Two men, Levi and Harrison, the same men who were following close behind her turn out to be her personal guardians. Filled with unanswered questions, Reece has no other option than to trust these two men for her protection. It is when they explain that they come from another dimension, that Reece is forced to accept the impossible.

Once Reece is brought into their dimension unlike any other….Pemdas, she is rendered speechless. Pemdas is a dimension that appears to have traces of earth in it, but is still worlds apart. Filled with classic beauty and an electrifying atmosphere, Reece is completely overwhelmed with what she sees, but her journey is only beginning.

Emperor Navarre Oxley explains to Reece that engraved in her mind by a powerful ancestor, is the key to taking over multiple worlds…including earth. Evil shape-shifting creatures known The Ciatron want to steal the map from Reece’s mind and take over all of the dimensions and worlds in the universe. The Guardians must protect Reece, in order to save Earth and all of the dimensions that exist due to Earth remaining unaltered.

As Reece finds herself increasingly attracted to Levi, Emperor Navarre’s son and her personal guardian on Earth, she finally opens her mind to this new world and starts accepting the unique lifestyle of this enchanting world.
With this, she discovers sweeping landscapes and capricious creatures who transfer their energy to the people of Pemdas. As glamorous as Pemdas seems, Reece finds everything is not perfect. As more and more people disapprove of her residing there, Reece grows concerned about her own safety. A war is also brewing in the dimension that could have devastating affects on everyone.

Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of The Key by S.L. Morgan follows Reece Byant as she learns how to navigate a completely new world and stay safe until she can return to her everyday life on earth.

Readers will not be able to put to down this story of romance, fantasy and adventure.


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